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Advanced MRO Inventory Management & Purchasing

SMMS Inventory Management: Avoid Costly Shortages, Delays & Obsolescence


SMMS Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Location Inventory Management

  • Fully Barcode-enabled Flexible Part Numbering
    • Creates Receiving & Stock Labels
    • Easy-scan Parts Checkout
  • "One Click" Part Checkout & Create Work Order
  • Units of Measure
    • Separate Unit Of Measure for Stock & Purchasing
    • Automatically Converts Receipts to Inventory Units
  • Reorder Point System for Stocked Parts
    • Replace as Used Strategy
    • Anaylze Stock Levels for Reorder Requirements
      • Automatically Generates Requisitions
      • Considers Current On Hand & On Order Status
  • Consolidated Inventory: Shows On-hand Quantity at Other Facilities
  • Choose Between Four Distinct Costing Methods
  • Full-feature Physical Inventory & Cycle Counting

Easy Online Requisitioning for Technicians & Managers

  • "One Click" Part Requisitioning
    • Reduces Needless Paperwork
      • Saves Technician Wrench Time
      • Online Approvals Process
      • Email Requisition Status Changes
      • Store Vendor Quotes Online
  • Also Requisition Outside Services for Material & Labor
  • "One Click" Converts Requisition to Purchase Order
    • Combines Approved Requisitions by Vendor & Part
    • Quantity Break Price Levels Supported
    • Email Notification when Requisitions Converted
  • Easily linked to Work Orders & Capital Projects

Easy Online Order Approvals

  • Automated Email Notifications
    • Orders Needing Approval
    • Approval Status: Approved or Declined
  • Three Methods for Order Approvals
    • Count of Approvers
    • Hierarchy of Approvers Based on Item Value
    • Tiered Amounts - Based on Item Value
  • Optional Manager Concurrence
  • Establish Approval Limits by User
  • Requisition Approval Transfers to Purchase Order

SMMS Purchase Orders & Vendor Management

  • Unlimited Vendors and Vendor Contacts
  • Stores Vendor Pricing by Part & by Vendor
    • Automatically Applies Quantity Breaks
    • Separate Purchase & Purchase Units of Measure
      • Purchase by the Box; Inventory by Each
      • Automatically Converts Receipts to Invty Units
  • Each Receipt Automatically Updates
    • Part Cost: Replacement, Average, Weighted Average
    • Equipment Where Used
  • Orders are Automatically Closed when Completed
  • Optional 3-Way Invoice Matching for Payment Approvals
  • Easily Interfaced with External Systems
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